Preventing Burnout This Holiday Season!

The holiday season, despite being “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, can arouse a lot of stress. From planning a family gathering and coordinating dishes for a potluck to budgeting finances and picking out a special gift for a loved one, it’s no wonder that this time of year gets hectic. Holiday burnout can feel unbearable, but there are ways to help avoid or minimize this issue so you can enjoy the holidays.

Consider the following tips to prevent burnout during this upcoming holiday season:

  • Set Realistic Expectations. To avoid overcommitting to tasks, break down your main goals into digestible tasks, set timelines, and reward yourself for checking items off your to-do list. It is important to remember to keep your holiday responsibilities realistic and manageable.

  • Start Early. Procrastination is an easy slide to slip down, but when avoiding burnout it is essential to spread out your task and/or holiday shopping. Planning ahead and not waiting until the last minute can help prevent last-minute stressors.

  • Maintain Boundaries. Balancing the time you spend doing tasks against the time you need to rest can be difficult.  To maintain boundaries and avoid over-commitment, scale back on obligations and establish a firm end time for parties. Boundaries protect your emotions and physical well-being. Boundaries are the life hack and health strategy needed to navigate a full calendar this holiday season. Don’t feel guilty about scaling back and setting time limits. The less stress you have to endure, the more fun the overall experience will be.

While feelings of being burnt out may be unavoidable for some, keeping realistic expectations, starting on holiday tasks early, and taking time to recharge are the proven method of tackling the holiday season. Holidays are meant to bring people closer together by simply enjoying each other’s company. Take the time this holiday season to slow down and live in the moment! Happy Holidays!

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