Empowering Employees

At SIA Group, our culture is something we pride ourselves on and is the foundational element to our success. With employees at the heart of our enterprise, we invest in our team to make a difference and improve the lives of those we serve. We empower employees through an environment that encourages innovation, growth, and provides resources for success.

Proud of Our Unique Culture

Our team enjoys an environment where they are challenged, inspired, and supported by one another on a daily basis. We are proud of our unique culture that creates an atmosphere to have fun while working hard!


Whether it is signing a new client, an employee receiving a promotion, or a team member passing the Insurance License test, we celebrate and share in our colleagues' successes!

Community Service

To improve the lives of those we serve, giving back to our community is essential. At SIA Group, our team participates in a variety of charities, community, and volunteer events to give back throughout North Carolina.

Office Fun

Our employees enjoy luncheons and team activities to build relationships while having fun together!

Professional Development

We want our employees to grow with us! SIA Group prides itself on empowering employees' to reach their fullest potential. We offer mentoring, educational plans, and training resources to ensure our team is positioned for success.


A supportive, happy, and cohesive team is crucial to maintaining our work culture. Our departments often work together to produce successful client products.

What Our Employees Are Saying

"My supervisor has a clear trajectory for my role in the company, and as I am challenged with new responsibilities, the support I receive from management gives me the confidence I need in order to achieve these milestones in my career."

"I have found that if you have a good attitude and excellent work ethic, management will do everything in their power to help you grow within the company."

"Family-like environment with a strong understanding of a work/life balance."

"They give you all the tools/resources you need to take yourself to the next level."

Current Job Openings