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Benefits Administration

Benefits Adminitration systems form a centralized hub, allowing easy access and management of various benefits plans for our clients as well as self-service for employees. SIA Group employees are experienced with using your payroll vendor, HRIS vendor, or can provide you access to our own program! Once implemented, these web-based platforms simplify the enrollment process, offer plan comparisons, and enable document management.

Employee Navigator

From Chaos to Clarity: Discover Employee Navigator

SIA Group offers Employee Navigator, an advanced benefits administration software at no extra cost to you. This cutting-edge tool centralizes and modernizes HR records, streamlining employee data synchronization across various systems. Say goodbye to paper forms and files as employees gain access to a user-friendly self-service portal.

Efficiency is at your fingertips, managing everything from one centralized platform, freeing up your time for more crucial tasks. With Employee Navigator, empower your employees to access the information they need, fostering an environment of open communication. From benefits and compliance updates to essential company communication, employees stay informed and engaged, ensuring a more connected and informed workforce.


Streamline, Simplify, Succeed: Discover Ease

SIA Group partners with Ease to provide a new employee onboarding flow at no cost to the client. Ease offers EaseConnect, which enables direct connections to select carriers and payroll vendors, automating employee elections and changes. The platform also includes an optional feature called EaseHR, allowing employers to track time off and create an organization chart within Ease for a fee of $1 per employee per month. In terms of security, Ease is SOC2 Compliant, and all employers are required to enable two-factor authentication to ensure the safety and security of user data.

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