Tailored Insurance and Risk Management Solutions

Unlock the power of nearly 50 years of Expertise. By safeguarding your assets, mitigating risks, and ensuring long-term stability for your business, we go the extra mile to deliver on our promise, Protection Beyond Insurance.

Insurance Solutions

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Oftentimes, protecting your lifestyle requires more than an insurance policy. Instead, you need portfolio management. SIA Group works to design, place, and administer insurance portfolios along with risk mitigation techniques such as inventory management, liability transfer, and coordinated policies.

For Your Business

Your Trusted Insurance Partner: Tailored solutions for every business and every family. At our full-service insurance brokerage, we collaborate with clients and our community, delivering customized business insurance, employee benefits solutions, risk management services, and dynamic surety and bonding products to navigate today's ever-changing marketplace.

Risk Management Solutions

To provide protection beyond insurance means identifying risks that both directly and indirectly affect your business. This often requires the development of tailored strategies to prevent the use of insurance. Our process consists of a quantifiable risk assessment related to your personal or business needs to better understand your risk issues. We then analyze the results to benchmark how you are handling these risks against ideal standards to design and implement a tailored strategy.


Shielding Businesses of Every Kind, from Simple to Complex


We are dedicated to supporting the Agriculture industry by providing tailored insurance solutions that protect farmers and agricultural businesses from a wide range of risks. Our comprehensive coverage allows farmers to focus on their essential role of nourishing the world while we safeguard their livelihoods and investments.

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Community Association

Our extensive coverage options address the unique risks faced by organizations such as homeowners associations, condominium associations, and property owners associations. With a focus on protecting the heart of thriving neighborhoods, we stand by community associations, ensuring they can continue to create safe, harmonious environments for their residents.

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We recognize the pivotal role played by construction businesses and the inherent risks they face. As an insurance provider, we are committed to safeguarding your projects, workers, and investments.
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Country Clubs

SIA Group is proud to be heavily involved in the CMAA (Club Managers Association of America) Carolina Chapter. With over 25 years of experience in representing the risk management needs of golf and country clubs, SIA Group brings a level of expertise unmatched in the industry.
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Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry is dynamic and vital. We specialize in insurance solutions designed to meet the unique needs of businesses in this sector. Our comprehensive coverage protects your investments, employees, and customers, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional experiences. Trust us to safeguard your food and beverage venture's success.
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Forest Products

SIA Group recognizes that many aspects of the logging industry involve dangerous activities and that risk management is crucial to the financial health of your business. That is why we take pride in our ability to SIA Group recognizes that many aspects of the logging industry involve dangerous activities and that risk management is crucial to the financial health of your business. That is why we take pride in our ability to provide you with protection beyond insurance by also focusing on helping you develop good workplace practices. Using our Risk Navigation System™, our Risk Advisors will work with you to identify possible causes of loss and find solutions that will minimize your exposure.
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Unleash Protection for Medical Institutions! Our specialized insurance solutions shield hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers from unforeseen risks, empowering them to focus on healing and caring for patients. Together, let's pave the way for a resilient and vibrant future in healthcare!

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Unlock the Secrets of Exceptional Hospitality Insurance! At SIA Group, we specialize in crafting tailored coverage options that transform your establishment into a fortress of protection. From defending hotels, restaurants, and resorts against industry-specific risks to empowering you to focus on crafting unforgettable guest experiences, our comprehensive solutions ensure your hospitality business thrives with confidence.
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HHS / Non-profit

This Industry plays a vital role in caring for the well-being of individuals and communities. At SIA Group, we recognize the unique challenges faced by organizations in this sector, and we are committed to supporting their noble missions.
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We specialize in providing comprehensive insurance solutions for the fast-paced Manufacturing industry. Our tailored packages protect your assets, equipment, and inventory while offering liability coverage for potential product-related incidents. Trust us to be your reliable insurance partner, empowering your Manufacturing business to thrive with confidence as you drive innovation and shape the future.
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Municipalities, as local government entities, have specific needs when it comes to insurance and other solutions. They face a range of risks and potential liabilities while providing essential services and managing public assets. We help municipalities protect themselves financially and mitigate the impact of unforeseen events.
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Pest Control

Safeguard your Pest Control business with our specialized insurance solutions at SIA Group. From property damage and liability claims to pollution incidents and equipment breakdowns, our tailored coverage options provide a safety net while you focus on eradicating pests. Partner with us to navigate the dynamic world of pest control with confidence.
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Private Equity

We offer specialized insurance solutions for the fast-paced Private Equity industry, protecting against investment volatility, regulatory challenges, and potential threats like litigation and cyber risks. Our expertise and comprehensive coverage ensure that private equity firms can navigate the dynamic landscape with confidence, focusing on driving economic growth and innovation while we safeguard their investments and financial security.
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Public Entities

We understand the critical role of the Public Entities industry in serving communities and provide specialized insurance solutions that safeguard against public liabilities, employee-related issues, and unexpected events. With our comprehensive coverage, we stand by public entities, ensuring they can continue to thrive and serve their communities with confidence and security.
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Real Estate

Comprehensive coverage for Real Estate. Protection for property, liability, and errors. Empowering your success with confidence, whether your properties are residential or commercial.
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Retail & Wholesale

The Retail & Wholesale industry is a dynamic and integral part of the global economy. We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses operating in this fast-paced sector. As an insurance provider, we specialize in offering comprehensive coverage solutions tailored specifically to the needs of the Retail & Wholesale industry.
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Transportation & Trucking

The Transportation & Trucking industry is essential for global trade. We offer customized to address the unique risks faced by businesses in this industry, including trucking companies, freight forwarders, and logistics providers.
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