Support Small Businesses this weekend on Small Business Saturday!

Small Business Saturday falls perfectly at the peak of holiday shopping. The holiday season is the best time to think about the local small businesses in your community. When you choose to support a small business, it’s not only a purchase that can have the biggest impact. As a matter of fact, you can take your phone out right now and:

  • Share a small business’ recent post
  • Tag a friend or two in a giveaway
  • Snap a photo or video of their product to share on your Instagram story
  • Give them a shoutout

Everyone has someone in their life with a start-up business or with an established business; these small touches of support can mean the world! Although purchasing merchandise from these owners’ help, social media is a big key to their success.

Not sure how to keep up with new arrivals and deals at your favorite business?

Subscribe to their newsletter and follow their social media channels.

But what if it’s a local restaurant?

We’ve got a solution for that, too! Dining at your favorite mom-and-pop shop and tipping a little more can also go a long way.

We celebrate Small Business Saturday to encourage consumers to shop locally in person as well as online. Small Business Saturday takes place this weekend and represents a significant opportunity to increase sales for small businesses during the holiday shopping season.

Did you know Small Business Saturday was started as a campaign by American Express in 2010? American Express’ main goal was to gain exposure and to inspire consumers with their own communities during the holiday season.  It wasn’t until the following year, 2011, that it became an official day to follow on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Shopping at a small business is a direct investment into someone’s dream.

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