Our Process

Risk Navigation System

To provide protection beyond insurance means identifying risks that both directly and indirectly affect your business. This often requires the development of tailored strategies to prevent the use of insurance.

Our process consists of a quantifiable risk assessment related to your personal or business needs to better understand your risk issues. We then analyze the results to benchmark how you are handling these risks against ideal standards to design and implement a tailored strategy.


Our Process

Take control of your insurance program and be rewarded by managing your risk.



Collaborating with you through our discovery process, we look to confirm that your risk management approach supports your overall objectives and plans.



Analyzing your areas of risk offers the foundation for developing forward-thinking approaches to those exposures. The results of our in-depth analysis will reveal opportunities to approach the critical areas driving your total cost of risk. Isolating the root causes of these problematic areas allows us to develop and implement control measures to mitigate this exposure.



Identifying exposures allows us to allocate and focus our resources to help you mitigate your risk. SIA Group uses a team approach to address your insurance and risk management needs. Our services are tailored specifically to you - whether that targets business or personal risk.



We continuously monitor progress to ensure your goals are being met, or if we need to rotate to a new priority.