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— Don Mills, President of SIA Group
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Challenged by an increasingly complex and regulated environment, businesses and families need a trusted a advisor who provides solutions that protect all their assets. Always on the leading edge, SIA Group has evolved from a traditional insurance agency to an extensive resource for all your business needs. 


Latest News & Articles From Our Resource Center

Safety Insights - Fatal Four in Construction.
According to the latest OSHA data, 4,674 private industry workers were killed on the job in 2017, and more than 20 percent of those workers were in construction. The leading causes for private sector worker fatalities in construction were know as the fatal four. Learn More>>

Contingent Business Interruption Insurance.
What happens when one of your suppliers or customers experience an interruption that derails your operations? Just one brief business interruption can be incredibly costly for an organization, often leading to serious damage to your reputation and long-term closures. This is where contingent business interruption (CBI) insurance comes in. Learn More>>

Business Continuity — What It Means to You.
A business continuity plan can help your company recover quickly from a catastrophe. In this article, we share why a business continuity plan is important and the ways to effectively implement one. Learn More>>

Retaining Talent: Choose Leaders Who Can Master This Quality.
It’s no secret that bad bosses can send employees running. Ineffective leaders make up more than half of today’s organizational management pool, costing organizations millions of dollars per year in direct and indirect costs. So what is it that makes a leader effective? Read Article>>


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Here at SIA Group, serving our clients the right way has been the heart of our enterprise since our founding in 1975. Always on the leading edge, we have evolved from a traditional insurance agency to an extensive resource for all of our clients' business and insurance needs. We pride ourselves in supportive work culture, career development, and work/life balance. See what joining SIA Group can do for you!