Risk Management 

SIA Group understands how important controlling your insurance costs is to you. To compete in today's global economy, company costs are under constant scrutiny. As a result, many companies struggle to balance their loss control efforts with their bottom line. 

Helping you meet these divergent objectives is our specialty. 

Total Cost of Risk 

Total Cost of Risk is ultimately driven by direct, indirect, and preventative costs of your entire risk management program and business operations. We understand those components and how they affect your company's bottom line. Using our Risk Navigation System™, we can develop a customized risk management plan that will improve your Total Cost of Risk and ultimately your bottom-line performance. 

Customized Objectives 

SIA Group will help you tackle your risk management challenges. With strategic planning and thorough understanding of your objectives, we provide custom policies and procedures that will help your employees understand the need for and the benefits of working in a safe work environment. We can help you with a loss control needs analysis, as well as the implementation and monitoring of each program deemed necessary. We will assist in all phases of the process, from employee meetings to payroll stuffers and informative brochures about loss control and employee participation. 

We have assembled the finest staff of insurance professionals whose experience is matched by their integrity. We further arm them with continuous education, training, and cutting-edge technical resources to help them provide protection beyond insurance. 

  • SIA Group offers a unique formal process to discover risks, design a plan, implement strategies, and continue to manage risks through its Risk Navigation System™.

  • SIA Group provides each client with industry specialists and supporting experts in key services.

  • SIA Group offers a broad range of products and services to meet a variety of businesses or individual needs.

  • SIA Group and its dedicated team commit to providing each client with improved bottom-line results.


Loss Control 

We understand that controlling your costs is a must! Our goal is to manage our client's Total Cost of Risk by improving their bottom line through the implementation of a comprehensive risk management plan. To accomplish this, we provide Protection Beyond Insurance by offering loss control services including: 

Administrative (Workplace Safety Programs) 

  • Customized Written Safety Program Development

  • Safety Program Manual Audits

  • Drug Free Workplace Programs

  • Fleet Vehicle Safety Programs

  • Training Program Analysis and Development

Site Specific Services

  • Mock OSHA Walk-Through Surveys

  • Job Site Inspections/Audits

  • Facilitation with NC Voluntary Compliance Program

  • Ergonomic Assessment and Workstation Analysis


  • OSHA Training - Outreach Instruction:

    • General Industry/Construction/Disaster Site

      • OSHA 10-Hour Course

      • OSHA 15-Hour Disaster Site Worker Course

      • OSHA 30-Hour Course

      • OSHA Recordkeeping (Forms 300, 300A, 301, NCs Form 19, 22)

  • Hazard Communication (GHS)

  • Competent Person Training

    • Trenching and Shoring

    • Confined Space Entry

    • Lock Out/Tag Out

    • Machine Guarding

    • Scaffolding

    • Personal Protective Equipment

    • Fall Protection

      • Ladder Safety

      • Controlled Access Zones (CAZ's)

      • Warning Line System

  • Flagger Operator Training

  • Defensive Driving (Certified National Safety Council DDC-4 Instructor)

  • DOT Compliance - Drug and Alcohol Training/Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training

  • Bloodborne Pathogens


Risk Navigation System

The management of risk is at the core of what we do at SIA Group. Insurance is a powerful and useful tool, but it is NOT the sole solution for all risks. Once understood, risk can be avoided, reduced, eliminated, or transferred. It is a matter of determining which treatment is the most cost effective and efficient. 

Risk presents itself in many ways, seen and unseen. Like many things in life, knowledge and planning are necessary to craft a proper strategy for dealing and responding to risk. This is where the SIA Risk Navigation System™ comes into play and is the key instrument in managing your business and its overall financial health. 

Our Risk Advisors have expert knowledge and can guide you through each phase in our four step process: 

  1. Discover through an assessment process, how to help control client's Total Cost of Risk.

  2. Design a tailor-made plan that allows our client to have the ability to serve the needs of their customers as well as keeping their employees safe, healthy, and on the job.

  3. Implement industry-specific knowledge to allow our client's businesses to grow, both short and long term.

  4. Continue to focus on the clients specific needs through a trusted advisor relationship.

Our Risk Advisors invest their time, talent, and resources by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your business' operations and practices. This allows us to identify your exposures to unknown risks and provide solutions. Ultimately, the SIA Risk Navigation Plan™ helps protect your business assets, establish goals, and execute future business plans.