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Building Productive & Engaged Teams

SIA Group assesses an individual’s heart, mind, and briefcase throughout our recruitment process to help us identify the best possible fit for a position. When a candidate completes their Predictive Index assessment(s), it helps us to learn more about your heart and passion for what you do. Your resume and job application help us to learn more about your network and professional skill set. By better understanding an employee’s heart and mind it helps us create a more engaging work culture while inspiring our team through performance management, coaching, professional development, team building, and career growth.

The Predictive Index was founded more than six decades ago with a quest to discover how to ignite employee enthusiasm and match each role to the right person. In 1955, Arnold S. Daniels, a U.S. Army Air Corps veteran, founded PI Worldwide (now called The Predictive Index® ), after returning from the war. The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ was created through a normative sample of thousands of people and has since been the subject of nearly 500 validation studies. More than 25+ million assessments have been conducted since Arnold S. Daniels delivered the first Behavioral Assessment in the 1950s.

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17 Reference Profiles Explained Videos


The Predictive Index identifies 17 reference profiles that can be thought of as an easy-to-reference grouping of the characteristics of people who have similar goals and motivations. As part of the SIA Group hiring process, each new employee will receive results from these assessments and the opportunity to share with colleagues. These profiles help us to build better teams and create opportunities for employees to have more meaningful engagement in their work.

Analytical Profiles

Analyzer — Thorough, Intense, Focuses, Thoughtful

Controller — Technical Expertise, Respectful of Authority

Venturer — Self-Starter, Innovator, Tackles Problems Enthusiastically

Specialist — Supportive, Collaborative, Valuing Details

Strategist — Decisive, No-nonsense

Stabilizing Profiles

Adapter — Even-Balanced, Flexible, Fluid, Versatile

Craftsman — Thoughtful, Deliberate, Precise

Guardian — Unselfish, Approachable, Great Attention to Detail

Operator Patient, Conscientious, Stable, Relaxed

Social Profiles

Altruist — Detail Oriented, Precise, Strong Follow Up

Captain — Independent, Strong-Willed, Natural Leaders

Collaborator — Approachable, Outgoing, Patient, Cooperative

Maverick — Visionaries, Innovative, Influential, Daring

Promoter — Extroverted, Harmonious, Supportive, Encouraging

Persuader — Socially Poised, Extroverted, Leader, Motivator

Persistent Profiles

Individualist — Confident, Analytical, Persistent

Scholar — Value Stability, Analytical, Disciplined