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The manufacturing sector is a core focus and emphasis for the Risk Advisors at SIA Group. For over 40 years, SIA Group has assisted manufacturers of all types and sizes in managing their total cost of risk. Through our proprietary Risk Navigation System™, SIA Group’s industry experts assist clients in assessing risk, developing solutions and alternative strategies, and implementing plans to prevent and mitigate risk factors that are unique to the manufacturing environment.

In addition to the traditional brokerage services SIA Group offers, our Manufacturing team works with clients to evaluate a broad spectrum of exposures such as:

  • Manufacturing Process Flow
  • Supply Chain Management Audit
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Contingent Exposure Analysis
  • Business Income/Interruption Analysis
  • Risk Transfer Alternatives
  • Disaster Plan and Response Programs
  • Workplace Safety
  • Insurance Program Review and Alternative Risk Financing
  • Human Resources Procedures Audit
  • Captive Feasibility Study

At SIA Group, our strategy is to focus on the enterprise-wide health of the manufacturing clients we represent.  This commitment by SIA Group allows you to focus on managing your business and creating a meaningful impact towards your bottom line. We truly do provide protection beyond insurance.